Saturday, April 21, 2018

Collaboration Opportunities and Ongoing Studies

Collaboration Opportunities

Are you interested in collaborating with in exciting research projects related with Marketing, Behavior and Technology? CONTACT US!

Below are some research ideas, which can provide you some initial insights of some studies we would be interested in conducting in the future. In case some of the topics interests you, please CONTACT US!

Ongoing Studies

The studies shown below are permanently ongoing. We are constantly tracking their developments and analyzing the data.
Please take some minutes to participate!
There are no “right or wrong” answers. We simply wish to know your perceptions towards the following subjects:


1. Behavioral Overview of the Music Consumer

In this study we investigate your perception and behaviors towards various music related products and experiences, with a particular focus towards streaming services and vinyl.

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2. General Perception of AI Music

Please take a few minutes to express your perception towards Music created by Artificial Intelligence (AI) software and how you believe music created by such software will impact the Music industry and society.

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3. Luxury, Experiences and Happiness

Have you ever wondered how happy you truly become by purchasing luxury products, such as cars, watches and electronics in comparison to experiences, such as traveling? We wish to raise an important discussion on the topic. So let us know what your impressions are!

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