Saturday, April 21, 2018

Supervised Students – Music and Consumer Behavior

Below is a list of the fantastic students that have participated in Marketing research projects involving Music and Consumer Behavior, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Tigre Moura in collaboration with

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Alexander van de Velde

Title of Project: An Investigation of the Perception Towards Different Music Album Formats

Stage: Successfully concluded in October 2016.

Personal Statement: “Music has always been my biggest passion. This made it possible for me to work on this project while focusing on my main passion. Still it wasn’t always easy. Not because of the topic, but because depending on recruiting participants to conduct my experiment. Overall it can be said, that the work on the topic was challenging but also highly entertaining! It was a good decision to work on a topic which really interests you, as your motivation to work increases. Being part of and to be able to share my findings via was also a high motivating factor! It’s not only that you work on a thesis and no one will ever read it. It’s about being part of a team and publishing findings that you worked on for a long time! Our findings should be available for everyone, not only for me and my supervisor”.

“Music is everybody’s possession.It’s only publishers who think that people own it” (John Lennon)


Eva Haas

Title: A comparison of the consumer behavior in the field of music streaming services and vinyl with a focus on different personality clusters

Stage: Ongoing. Expected conclusion: August 2017

Personal Statement: This topic allowed me to combine my two passions: music and psychology. Music expresses who we are and help us to form our personality. Writing my thesis about my passion was a huge motivational advantage and helped me through the more difficult days. Being part of the team is making be proud as our findings are shared with the music- and marketing community and everybody who enjoys music. It also gives the opportunity to discuss thoughts and findings about music with others on an academic basis.


Jonas Dachs

Title: Music ownership perception and consumption– a cross-generational comparison

Stage: Ongoing. Expected conclusion: August 2017

Personal Statement: Working on a project for is a great opportunity to get deep insights into the music industry. I personally decided to focus on the value perception of different generations as I find it very interesting why people tent to buy vinyl or streaming services and how age groups are connected to that. Music is a very important part of my life. Enjoying it while driving the car, sitting in the sun with some friends or at a club having fun with some electronic vibes until the sunrise – there is always a matching sound for any situation.

Saskia (002)

Saskia Jansen

Title: Music streaming services versus physical ownership: The four classifications of music and the perceived value

Stage: Ongoing. Expected conclusion: August 2017

Personal Statement: Music surrounds me and us during different life stages and daily activities. It is always present but we can listen and understand the lyrics or we use it as a background noise. Music can lift you up, you can forget about your problems and worries and get lost in songs.  No matter how we consume music, it is always something we are connected to and share memories with.

Researching about music and how people value music records is a topic which interests me and makes me want to find the relationship between the four classifications of music and how value is perceived through intangible and tangible products.